Afghanistan and American Power-Lite

Afghanistan President Karzai said recently that his country would support Pakistan if it ever went to war with the United States.

Really? The country that has devoted abundant blood and treasure to a free Afghanistan and your administration takes a back seat to the country that has actively supported insurgent groups in Afghanistan?

Well, we could get worked up about that, but how silly.

The inspiration here is that America invaded a country, toppled a horrible, terrorist regime — and the new regime nevertheless enjoys the autonomy of picking its foreign policy interests — even if those interests are hostile to the United States.

That is a profoundly new paradigm for military powers, never mind superpowers. In the rich history of military conquest, never before has a conquered nation enjoyed this magnitude of autonomy. It is a credit to America.

There are sound reasons for Afghanistan to mollify Pakistan — so soon after accusing it of harboring its country’s enemies and signing a strategic partnership agreement with India.

Tricky business in southern Asia — I’m just proud of America.


4 Responses to Afghanistan and American Power-Lite

  1. TerranceH says:

    Sounds like geopolitical posturing by Karzai

  2. Karzai seems to be a flighty, flaky “friend” to us and Pakistan.

  3. Sedate Me says:

    What does Karzai mean “if” Pakistan goes to war with the US? You mean it isn’t already? Mushroom clouds aside, could you really tell the difference? I don’t see Seal Team 6 or drones hovering around France and killing people. Libya barely got more American attention than Pakistan does.

    The Taliban was in part (and may still be) a creature of the Pakistan “intelligence” service, elements inside the government have pimped nuclear recipes to America’s enemies and they’ve been harbouring the Taliban, Osama and what’s left of his crew. They probably even have Amelia Earhart held hostage in a dungeon somewhere. With “friends” like Pakistan, who needs enemies? I’ve always thought it was stupid for America to favour the duplicitous, dictatorial, Pakistan over India, an actual democracy.

    There is a little bit of twisted “logic” behind Karzai volunteering this moronic statement, but it’s so transparent it wouldn’t fool a village idiot. However, it does show how erratic he is, what a quality “friend” he’s turning out to be and what a truly ungrateful bastard he is. He claims he would choose a nation that has negatively meddled in his nation’s affairs for decades over a nation that has negatively meddled in his nation’s affairs for decades. This despite the fact that he and his crooked government owe their jobs to America and might disappear tomorrow if their troops left. Hillary Clinton should send Wiki-Leaks a manila envelope.

    But mission accomplished America!!! You and you alone (conveniently forgetting the sacrifices other nations have made to help you out while you wage wars elsewhere) have gotten rid of a government hostile to America and replaced it with…a government hostile to America!

    Drinks are on me!

    • I’ll take this hostile government over the previous hostile government any day! And thanks for the drink.

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