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I don’t have a blog roll, but I have people I like, and here they are. All, as befits my favorites, are deeply sincere.

Jean, at Snoring Dog Studio, is my sweetheart, the thoughtful artist who graces us with beautiful watercolors and real-world commentary with a no-nonsense sincerity.

Jeff, at A Zen Yard Hen, is an old friend and a most formidable Panzer liberal. He writes less these days, and I wish it were otherwise. We disagree frequently, sometimes angrily, but I love his spirit and his massively large heart.

Amy, at Taking Big Bytes, also an old friend, speaks straight from the heart, with the kind of extraordinarily searing honesty that makes you just a bit ashamed being less forthright.

Cheryl, at Spinny Liberal, is probably my favorite liberal — relentlessly exasperating but always gracious, open and accepting — and a most clever spinner with a most gentle touch. And she has visits from, like, every country in the world.

Terrance, at Sibboleth (what used to be the profoundly misnamed Americanliberatarian), used to be my conservative anchor in the blogosphere, but then he flipped and became a liberal. Watching Terrance evolve, and share so sincerely every wart and bit of angst along the way, is truly an inspiration.

Larry, at Woodgate’s View, is another Panzer liberal, and like Jeff above, he fortifies his liberal positions with abundant carefully-marshaled facts. I wish he were less liberal, but I love his genuine commitment to dialogue.

John, at Sifting Reality, is a most welcome breath of intelligent conservatism — and he talks frequently and smartly about religion, probably my favorite subject. I disagree with him about abortion and gay marriage, but find him a wonderfully kindred spirit on most other subjects.

Charles, at Mostly Bright Ideas, is simply a wonderful writer. His mastery of gentle irony is breathtaking.

Lobotero, at Info Ink, is perplexing. Another turbo-charged liberal, he nevertheless “Likes” most of my posts, even the conservative ones. I am deeply grateful. While we disagree on most matters, he is invariably a gentleman and a scholar.

Most of the foregoing just sort of happened. It wouldn’t have been my preference to love so many liberals. But I think what I most deeply dislike about “Liberals” as an abstraction is a reason to love the “Liberals” I know, and to appreciate their abundant good faith. I hope we teach each other.


5 Responses to Blog Roll

  1. Larry Beck says:

    Thanks Kendrick. You have also been a worthy read and keep me sensitive to the fact that conservatives are not always the mean-spirited type that often get portrayed in media and blogs. It’s because of your insightful views as a conservatives that tempers my own comments when I make generalizations about your brand of politics.

    • Thank you kindly Larry. That’s what happens to me, in reverse, when I consider you and other liberals I know are people of good will and good faith.

  2. Terrance H. says:

    Thank you very much for the words.

  3. Thanks for the love, birthdaysake. When I write a lot of my posts, you’re the angel on my shoulder that reminds me to be nice. Sometimes, the devil wins, but hey, it is what it is. 😉

    And “relentlessly exasperating” just made me 😆 I will wear the badge proudly.

    • Cheerio Leo.

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