Cowboys give away season opener

My beloved Dallas Cowboys down one on the season opener against the New York Jets.

I have to hand it to the Cowboys: there is no team in history better at losing. By that I mean losing with panache, squandering a commanding lead, handing victory with stupid stupid mistakes to a team that had no chance to come back, giving its fans a comeback-win to talk about for years. That is losing with style. That is losing with an eye on losing history. How to lose. The Dallas Cowboys. Best ever.

UPDATE: The Boys redeemed themselves Sunday. This time it was the Boys behind for the entire game against the 49ers, and an injured quarterback, who came back in and rallied the team to an improbable tie, and then threw a 77-yard pass to the 1-yard line in overtime to give the Boys the field goal and the win. Emotional roller-coaster, yes it is.


12 Responses to Cowboys give away season opener

  1. lobotero says:

    I suffered many years of that type of feelings…..for I am a Saints fan!

    • I’m a Saints fan too — and loved their Superbowl win, especially since the lowly Cowboys handed them their first defeat late in that season. Sorry about the Saints loss in the opener. But at least it wasn’t a carefully-choreographed determination to make an impossible loss happen.

  2. lbwoodgate says:

    I tend to agree with your overall assessment but I must confess that I was impressed how well they played considering they were up against one of the best ,if not the best defenses, in the league. Plus they lost all of their starting cornerbacks (which I am not sure they have a great selection of anyway) Penalties were not a factor either here as they usually are with the Cowboys, so there may be hope yet.

    • Completely agreed woodgate. I was impressed as well, and see the elements of a great team. I’m just stunned at the Cowboys’ capacity to take the elements of a great team to domination of another great team, and then ever so carefully, as though it were intended, hand victory to the other team with missteps and screw-ups that had to happen in precisely the order, and at precisely the time, to ensure defeat. Still stunned.

  3. Terrance H. says:


    I was certain the Jets were doomed. LOL.

    • At five minutes left, with the Cowboys still a touchdown ahead, I sighed and said, well, worst-case scenario, overtime loss. It may be the only time in my life I’ve ever actually conceived a “worst-case” that was not, in fact, the worst case.

  4. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! Not from my beloved Kendrick! A football post!!! ARRRRGGGGGH!

    • It’s not even my first football post Jean! Football, and specifically Dallas Cowboys football, is one of my 82 vices. Can’t help myself.

  5. Bright side – they have the best looking cheerleaders.

    • John Myste says:

      I don’t watch football. I will now! I live in Dallas. Thanks for the important data.

      • John! You live in Dallas! Welcome-squared!

        • John Myste says:

          Bless you, kind sir.

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