Libya and Iraq: “Obama is awesome.”

Videos produced with the xtranormal software, featuring irony-saturated, robotic speech to make trenchant political points, are becoming all the rage. Who am I to resist the tide? Here’s an office discussion comparing Libya and Iraq.

Lest anyone think the video’s heavy irony lacks breathtaking real-world counterparts, a recent Reuters news analysis about President Obama included this gem:

Obama is committed to partnering with other countries rather than going it alone as did his predecessor George W. Bush, which both broadens and complicates the decision-making process.

I’m comfortable conceding that “Obama is awesome” if Bush detractors concede that the world is a vastly more complicated place than they imagined when they relentlessly hammered the 43rd president. And frankly, the most awesome presidential decision I’ve witnessed in the past two decades is the Iraqi surge, the decision — in the teeth of carping from, well, nearly everyone — that saved America from permanent Vietnamization of American foreign policy.


7 Responses to Libya and Iraq: “Obama is awesome.”

  1. Terrance H. says:

    That’s pretty cool, Kendrick. Cool but informative. It highlights the hypocrisy rather well.

    I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that when it comes to foreign policy, I’m pretty much a babe in the woods. So, thanks for creating a little cartoon – all the purty colors got my attention – which explains the similarities between Iraq and Libya rather well.

    Though some feminists might not appreciate your choice to play the part of the Obama Zealot. You take their scorn for once!

    • Hey Terrance. Not my creation. Just found it and shared it.

  2. jeff veazey says:

    Very Funny. Hilarious. I didn’t know Conservatives actually had senses of humor. Yes I’ll admit the surge was brilliant for multiple end results (appearing to win, getting the hell out, demonstrating to the Arab world that if they mess with us we will crush them…) And I’ll admit the world is vastly more complicated than those who “relentlessly hammered” the former President who is now my neighbor, ever imagined. As for me, I didn’t carp. I was suspicious we could screw it up but in my gut, and on the terms laid out by that administration, I thought, “This just might work, bless their little hearts.” But I admitted it, the world is so complicated the choices are sometimes bad, worse, and worser. (as the former President would say) So, now you concede, in your own voice, “Obama is Awesome.”

    • 🙂 Obama is awesome. 🙂

    • bigdtootall says:

      I am interested to hear your thoughts now Kendrick. We are now two presidents removed from Bush and there is a lot of sabre rattling going on.

  3. Paul Grubbs says:

    I laughed til i cried. Please stop confusing me with the facts.

  4. bigdtootall says:

    Revisited this five years later and it is even more distressing but I take comfort that Obama is awesome and Hillary is even awesomer. I can hardly wait for another eight years of awesomeness!

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