The Bizarre Frequency of Jew-Hatred

In a world of vast sensitivity to race, ethnicity, and religion, a world of political correctness that pounces upon any hint of disrespect, why are Jews an evident carve-out?

Yes, it is possible that many people with high profiles are pathetically young souls who lack the character to manage their visibility with rudimentary dignity. But why do these rants so routinely go off on the Jews? What makes Mel Gibson and Oliver Stone part of a pop culture phenomenon of hating Jews? Why is it so easy — especially since the haters are typically liberals hating Jews, who are overwhelmingly liberal?

Did we learn nothing from the Holocaust? Has Jew-hatred failed to become sufficiently unacceptable, such that we can indulge a bigotry, just this bigotry, while preserving our liberal bona fides as to all the rest?

The Jews say “never forget,” and would that it were so. If Palestinian Hamas and Fatah are mortal enemies in the Middle East, they at least evidently agree that the Holocaust should never be taught to Palestinian eighth-graders. Teaching the Holocaust, said the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Culture in the Gaza Strip, “is an attempt to impose on us the culture of normalization with the occupation. They want us to accept the tales and lies to win sympathy.” The ministry described the Holocaust as a lie, saying it had been exaggerated to garner sympathy for the “usurping entity” at the expense of the rights and interests of the Palestinians.

Salah al-Wadiyeh, a Fatah representative in the West Bank, said the Holocaust was a “big lie.” The Palestinians, he said, “know more than any other people the history of their enemies and their false claims and lies.”

Calling the Holocaust a “big lie” is equivalent to calling Mohammed a big cheat and sham artist. Yet the latter — actually far less than the latter — triggers riots that actually kill people, and the former is incredibly comfortably part of our discourse.

Charlie Sheen, John Galliano, and Julian Assange are part of a pathology of our discourse, a Jew-hating nonsense that draws sustenance from Palestinian Jew-hate. I don’t care about Charlie Sheen, John Galliano, and Julian Assange. But I care about Middle Eastern peace. And peace is not possible with Jew-hate.



2 Responses to The Bizarre Frequency of Jew-Hatred

  1. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I care about Sheen, Galliano and Assange and Middle Eastern peace. They’re all players in disseminating the big lie, demonizing a culture, and promoting culture wars. Peace is not possible until we speak out against the vile words and the big lies that occur on every level. The big lies and government sanctioned assault against a culture tells me that the U.S. has let the conversation about Israel and Jews veer in the wrong direction. Like politicians refusing to publicly state that Obama isn’t a Muslim, world leaders and other “spokespersons” permit a new round of haters to take their place in the armies against Jews and Israel.

    To your first question, Kendrick. I firmly believe that, most often, fear precedes violence – whether it’s physical or verbal. And a partial answer to your why comes from what I’ve heard throughout my life: People fear Jews because, to paraphrase, they’re too successful, they have too much money, they have too much power. It is what humans do so well: we blame others for our own lack of success and power.

    I’m not well-versed in the underlying issue. All I have are my fundamental beliefs that demonstrating absolutely no tolerance for hate speech, anti-Semitism and racism form the foundation of a great nation. I’m reading your post on “Israel, the Double Standard.” I’ll get up to speed, though.

    Kendrick, I am a liberal, but that doesn’t mean I accept what you cite as the leftist double-standard. Perhaps I need a new political party.

  2. William says:

    Kendrick, I am always unsettled by my liberal friends’ ceacelessly hateful responses to all things Israel. It spews out freely.

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