Krauthammer Schools Limbaugh

So I’m conservative and not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh.  The man is about red meat for conservatives, and sometimes he’s right, but sometimes he’s not.  He has been not, lately.

I was among the conservatives applauding President Obama’s speech in Tucson.  Rush had this to say:

“They were slobbering over it for predictable reasons.  It was smart. It was articulate. It was oratorical. It was all the things the educated ruling class wants their members to be and sound like.”

Charles Krauthammer, whom I more consistently admire, had this to say in response:

“As one of the three slobbers on the set, let me say I find it interesting that only the ruling class wants a president who is smart, articulate or oratorical in delivering funeral oration.  It’s an odd and condescending view of what rest of America is looking for in their president.”

“Odd and condescending” is generous.  To whom is Rush pandering?  It should be possible for a conservative to admire a liberal President’s speech after a tragedy, just as it should be possible for a liberal to admire a conservative President’s speech after a tragedy.  Many liberals did so when George Bush spoke after 9-11.

Limbaugh’s determination to dislike whatever President Obama says is dishonorable.  It has plenty of locked-in liberal counterpoints.  A plague on both their houses.


5 Responses to Krauthammer Schools Limbaugh

  1. Michelle Macdowell says:


  2. jeff veazey says:

    Excellent. I may never write again. It’s all been said. This is not intended as a one up or as a disagreement to anything you wrote here. But can anyone remember anyone on the left with anything close to the platform or volumn of Rush, criticizing President Bush after 9-11 for at least 6 months or a year after? Of course, I didn’t watch MSNBC in those days. The great thing about the American Chili that is our politics (can you tell what I’m cooking today?) is that it is all-meat, vegetarian, gluten-free, high cholesterol, with or without beans, fat-free and full of gristle, all at the same time. The microcosm is totally clearly and absolute. The macro? Less so.

    • Thank you most kindly my friend, and here’s the interesting thing Jeff. I just read a piece about Ted Koppel lamenting the demise of objective journalism, and speaking wistfully of his colleagues of yore in the mainstream media, when the only media were the mainstream media. What does he think happened? And why are Rush Limbaugh and Fox News such enormous commercial successes? Because America is largely centrist and right of center, and they got tired of liberal bias in the mainstream media. This may be one of the difficulties liberals have with the current media marketplace — that it has splintered in such a way that conservatives have a choice, and exercise it, which they didn’t when we were growing up. To conservatives, Fox News is simply their “media,” the way Chinese food in China is simply “food.” They grew up with a beloved but monopolistic icon like Walter Cronkite seizing defeat out of the jaws of victory at the Gulf of Tonkin, and when the mainstream media finally splintered, they came out of their shells breathing a vast sigh of relief and said, “now THIS is media.” I don’t like Rush Limbaugh, I don’t like Keith Oldermann, I don’t like Paul Krugman, I don’t like Bill Maher — and the latter three are intended to answer your inquiry about platforms for liberals. But you’re right about 9-11, and the way the country united, briefly, in that aftermath. As I said in the post, kudos to liberals after 9-11. Your question is appropriate: I don’t believe any liberals (of any consequence, though I do remember high-profile European liberals, especially French intellectuals, applauding the horror, and insisting America was to blame, with some American liberal sympathy) did anything other than mourn and support our country. But I don’t believe 9-11 and the Tucson tragedy are exactly comparable — the better comparison is the Tucson tragedy and the Oklahoma City bombing, when liberals were horrifying in their demonization of conservatives, because it was easy; a right-wingnut had actually done the deed, unlike the Tucson shooter. Thankfully, and I think I speak for most conservatives here, Timothy was promptly convicted and executed. Neither conservatives nor liberals want violence, however passionate their beliefs, and that’s our chili, and it’ll keep giving us heartburn because we’re doing, in a civil way, what has been done through most of human history by killing people.

  3. Paul Grubbs says:

    Rush Limbaugh is a political freak show. I am conservative but do not enjoy listening to Rush. He likes to stir the pot for ratings sake and laughs all the way to the bank. At least the far left freaks are funny! Pundits and talking heads should not be taken as a voice for any particular point of view other than their own unless the are elected or appointed by their party. Pelosi is struggling as is Obama because they do not reflect the over all consensus of the average Democrat thus the November shellacking by the electorate. Time will tell for Boehner. Most folks don’t know what they want nor do the know how to go about getting it. One thing for sure, its not boring! They are already campaigning for the next one. I say vote “em all out! Its more civil than the revolution Jefferson called for every twenty years!

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