Daniel 2010Daniel is an Israeli and an American.  And he is the best of both, thanks to his mother.

He desires peace, he does not understand hate.  He loves soccer and Maccabi Haifa.  He does well in school and he sincerely loves his family — his family in Israel and his family in America.

He has a lovely girlfriend, Inbar, and they have been together for three years.  He has been good and kind and learned many things through this relationship.

He is what any parent would most wish of a child — thoughtful, sensitive, funny, intelligent, graceful, mature, capable of mediation, sporty, self-effacing, strong.

We have little in common, my son and I.  I love books.  He is allergic.  I’ve done journals.  Daniel doesn’t do notebooks.  He goes into the Israeli Army next year.  I sit around.  I tend to get angry.  He says, daddy, calm down.  He loves soccer.  I just don’t get soccer, I really don’t, but I got really interested in the World Cup this year and four years ago because he was interested.  And I am amazed at how much he knows.  He predicted Spain from the beginning.  And knowing as little as I do, I NEVER would have predicted Spain over Germany. I mean, Germany was rolling.  And yes, FIFA should do a rules change based upon Uruguay’s intentional hand-ball foul.  Africa has a right to be pissed. (And thank god it was a South American team and not a European team.)

Daniel and I have been many places together.  Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Florida, Oregon, California, Scotland, England, Amsterdam…  Daniel is a statesman.  One of his gifts is understanding different people.  He relates well to young and very young, and old and very old.

Don’t get a big head boy, or I’ll slap it down, but I do love you.


2 Responses to Daniel

  1. annie says:

    That’s beautiful:)

  2. kathy nester says:

    Will keep you both in my prayers as he prepares to serve his country. May God protect him and keep him safe from harm.

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