God Transcendent and Immanent

6 April 1984. Kenya.  When I commune with God somehow, I never feel I am reaching beyond my self, only into regions of myself I do not yet understand. As one comes to understand those regions, God is both extinguished and realized. Some will emphasize one or the other.

Concerning God, both transcendent and immanent…

to the extent He is transcendent, we cannot possibly speak of Him and therefore ought not speak of Him at all (Wittgenstein) — there is absolutely nothing we can learn of God in His transcendence…

as to immanence, can words or description or language in any form take us closer to that which is immanent? if we maintain that words will clarify the nature of God’s immanence, then we pursue an erroneous understanding, for what is immanent is not understood by conceptual thinking, which objectifies the world…

so how immanent and transcendent?

God is immanent with respect to the Self

transcendent with respect to the self

by gradual expansion of the self toward comprehension of the Self, one experiences the immanence of God…

in our conceptual thinking, we (self, a concept) conceive of God (another concept) and God is therefore always-other (and further an always-other about which nothing can be empirically experienced… and thus it remains, exertions notwithstanding, for many life-times…)


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