God the Ironist

Kenya. November 1983. God the Ironist.

Irony is always the presumption of elevated awareness. The milder our chuckle, the more private our titter, the more intensely do we esteem our appreciation. We have done our penance to cultivate this discrimination. Now it is ours to enjoy, to sip and smile and say, “brilliant.” Is it not so?

And so ascending with our downward glance, we imagine an ultimate, the Supremely Ironic Perspective, where God must live. And here God laughs, not a derogating or condescending laugh, for condescension is always the lower ironist’s insecurity, but divinely raucous laughter. When we see God divinely convulsed, we laugh a bit too, whereupon God can barely hold Himself in his throne. Our nervous laughter rings rather hollow at first, but we gradually Ho-Ho with the best of His retinue.


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